Efficient & Environmentally Safe Harvesting

IPC's mills are located in the center of Russia's best quality Birch forests. A key issue for us is the long-term management and preservation of the forests within our region so that  the availability of raw materials remains abundant. Our policy of selective cutting helps to safeguard the future condition of the forest and demonstrates our support of the community that depends on the forest industry.

IPC management conducts periodic internal audits in order to ensure that we are producing in an environmentally rc drones for sale safe manner. Our mills utilize every part of the logs harvested in the production of birch plywood and are always exploring new ways to maximize energy efficiency.

In 1999 the State Committee for Environmental Protection and IWC Replica WatchesEcology of Russia recognized our efforts by certifying that the iPc production is done with raw materials cut without any ecological harm to the forest.

Furthermore, our facilities have been certified to comply with all environmental regulations of the regions.

All our Russian and Chinese production is CARB and CE Certified.

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