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The IPC business from China has experienced a constant and stable growth over the past 6 years. What started as a supplement to our profitinthebag Birch Plywood business has grown into an ever growing business with new products being researched and added to the mix on a regular basis.

The success of our China business can be attributed to rc drones for sale continuous capital investments and the skilled staff of IPC. Investments in equipment modernization led to high end product quality that is successfully competing with more expensive European plywood and lumber manufacturers while being more economical.

In addition to capital investments, strong partnerships with Chinese factories, local freight forwarders baby care tips and China based International shipping companies have played a significant role in the company's growth. 

Lastly, the in house Quality Control team along with close partnership with Dynea that inspects all product and shipments ensures that our customers get the best quality possible.

Film face plywood: variety of sizes, China Black and Dynea Brown, Yellow, Red and White film

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