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Flexible Plywood

Our Flexible Plywood is used leading interior decorators and furniture makers. We used 100% tropical hardwood veneers and phenolic glue. Our product is amazingly flexible and is ideal for all corner and circular positions of interior applications. Special care is taken during the manufacturing process so that our customers can achieve a fine curve without any harm whatsoever to the plywood.

We are pleased to offer you our flexible plywood. Our plywood conforms to all international quality, environmental and emission standards.


Composition: tropical wood, hot pressed with P.F.Resin

Thickness: 1.5m, 3mm, 5.5mm, 9mm

Sizes: 2440mm x 120mm, all other sizes against order

Density: 500Kg/m³ (approx)

Bending Radii:

  • For 1.5mm thickness, 6cm
  • For 3mm thickness, 12cm
  • For 5.5mm thickness, 16cm
  • For 9mm thickness, 36cm
  • For 12mm thickness, 48cm


  • Cross grain 210N/mm³
  • Long grain 6300N/mm³

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